Dear friends, we are glad to present you the official logo of the Table Hokcey World Championship. If anybody want to use the logo, write to the mail indicated in the contacts. I will send you it in the required format.
To register for all tournaments, we ask the team captains or team officials to provide a list of those who will participate, and send an email: 9052790391@mail.ru
or Viber, WatsApp, Telegram to a mobile phone number: +375 29 686 79 19.
Contact person: Alexander

Register before June 1.
(See schedule).
Bjarne Axelsen (DEN)
Raivis Sternats (LAT)
Igor Saveljev (EST)
Kirill Storchak (RUS)
Sergey Vazhnik (BLR)
Foreign citizens who arrive in Belarus by plane do not need a visa. You can read more about this on the website of the Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus below by reference:
Will be using the tablehockey.me website in order to manage the tournaments.
Prizes (medals and trophies) will be awarded to the top three finishers in each category.
No smoking and alcohol consumption is permitted on the premises.
Playing under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited and shall lead to an immediate disqualification.
INDOOR SHOES POLICY (Non marking shoes)
Shoes must be "Non-marking shoes", only have been worn indoors and be clean.
This is an indoor sports arena. NO OUTDOOR SHOES IN THE PLAYING AREA!
"ITHF and the organizers of the 2019 World Championships are asking all players to provide their passport during the registration.
All players must be able to provide a passport from the nationality they are representing in the 2019 World Championships".
«ITHF и организаторы чемпионата мира 2019 года просят всех игроков предоставить свой паспорт при регистрации на месте соревнований. Все игроки должны предоставить действительный паспорт той страны, которую они представляют на чемпионате мира 2019 года».
Guests staying in guest houses and hotel № 1 will eat at the hotel restaurant № 1. Those staying at hotels № 2 and № 3 will be served at the hotel restaurant № 2.
Restaurant opening hours: Breakfast: 8.00 -10.00. Lunch: 12.00-14.00. Dinner: 19.00 - 22.00.
For food: a menu is planned - serving 1 type of soup, 1 type of salad, 1 type of hot dish and drink. Each meal will be different from the previous one.
You can take into account the wishes of those who: vegetarian, Muslim, vegan; allergic to anything. The captain of the team should tell the restaurant administrator (or me, who can't speek russian) about this before the first meal.
In the restaurant you can buy any additional food and drinks.
There are no refrigerators in the rooms of hotels and guest houses.
In hotel № 2 there is an ATM, where you can get cash from a bank card.
All hotel rooms and guest houses have wi-fi.
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