There are 2 hotels in sports complex.
Hotel № 1:
Double room – 14 rooms (28 persons). Price: 13 Euro/ person (26 Euro /room).
Double Luxe – 2 rooms (4 persons). Price: 17 Euro/person (34 Euro/room).

Hotel № 2:
Double room – 75 rooms (150 persons). Price: 13 Euro/person (26 Euro/room).
Double Luxe – 8 rooms (16 persons). Price: 17 Euro/person (34 Euro/room).
QUAD – 6 rooms (24 persons). Price: 11 Euro/person (44 Euro/room).

There are also 15 two-storey guest houses.

1 room: 2 blocks for 2 persons in each - on the first floor. Toilet and bath for a room. Separate entrance to the room. Price: 11 Euro/person. There are 15 of the same rooms (60 persons).

1 room: 2 blocks for 1 and 3 persons in each – on the second floor. Toilet and bath for a room. Separate entrance to the room. Price: 11 Euro/person. There are 18 of the same rooms (72 persons).

Payment for accommodation will be made before checking into the hotel.

Cashless settlements by bank card as well as by cash in Belarrusian roubles (BYN) are possible.

All the prices for accommodation are Room Only (RO).

Meal prices will be presented later on.

For booking the rooms, kindly ask, the team captains or team officials send a letter with indicating the quantity of persons, № hotel or guest house
on e-mail: or by Viber, WatsApp, Telegram on mobile number: +375 29 686 79 19.
Contact person: Alexander.

To get from the airport to the sports complex Raubichi (30km), you will need to take a taxi, the cost will be about 15-20 euro.
If you want to get to Raubichi from the center of Minsk (railway or bus station), this is about 25 km, then a taxi will cost about 15-20 euro.


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Easy-to-use application (app), possibility of cash and cashless payment, absence of extra charges.
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